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For over 10 years, the super-skilled orthodontists and staff at Braces Braces Braces have been doing what they do best–straightening teeth, improving smiles, and making kids laugh. They've been pumping up the confidence of beautiful people all over the nation. We offer traditional metal braces, clear braces, and Invisalign® invisible braces to young patients and patients young at heart. Providing top-notch orthodontic treatment in a friendly and positive setting is what we’re all about – and just one of many reasons why kids love us, and parents trust us!

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Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Engilman frequently pulls up to the office on his motorcycle, ready to start the day. He's always excited to see his patients and continue the progress of their beautiful smiles, and come to a job he loves every day. While Dr. Engilman was perfecting his "techno-geek" abilities with a computer science and mathematics undergraduate degree, he could have never guessed he'd become the cool doctor of braces he is today. But soon after marrying his beautiful wife, Dena, in 1990, she suggested dental school was proposed to him. He was attending the University of Louisville when they had their first child, Brooke, in 1994. As his passion for orthodontics grew, Dr. Engilman decided to move his family east and attend the University of North Carolina for three more years of studies, where his daughter Emma was born on Halloween in 1998.

Dr. Engilman supports smileschangelives.org, which is an orthodontic nonprofit dedicated to help kids from low-income families in all 50 states receive braces at a reduced cost.

When Dr. Engilman isn't working, he enjoys being with his wife and children. They like spending time at the lake, especially Taylorsville Lake. Dr. Engilman enjoys the hobbies shared with his girls most, such as building rockets and model planes, but also loves to read, watch movies, collect trains, and play with hi-tech gadgets and toys.

Doctor at Dixie Highway BracesBracesBraces

5 fun facts about me:
1. I love eating all kinds of food from all over the world, especially really spicy food. Some of my favorites are Indian food, Ethiopian food, and Nashville style hot chicken.
2. Soccer is my favorite sport to play, and I have played since I was 5. I also enjoy running and doing Insanity workouts. I have completed 7 mini marathons to date.
3. I really like to cook and try new recipes.
4. When I'm not at work I love to travel. I have traveled to over 30 US States and 20 foreign countries (and am constantly adding more to the list).
5. I'm working on being an amateur photographer. I love to take photos when I travel even though I'm not very good at it yet.

Dr. Parker Bio Educational Background

Dr. Parker was raised in Benton, Kentucky and moved to the area to study Chemical Engineering on academic scholarship at the Speed School of Engineering. She completed three cooperative externships at the Rohm and Haas Company (now part of the Dow Chemical Company) to gain experience and graduated from this rigorous program earning highest honors. Although Dr. Parker loved engineering, she was attracted to a career in Dentistry by its ability to make a special and individual difference in the lives of others. She attended Dental School at the University of Louisville, where she discovered the ability to use her engineering background in the field of orthodontics. She was attracted to orthodontics because it combined her love of engineering with a unique personal application. Orthodontic treatment had a positive and long-lasting impact on Dr. Parker as a child, she wanted to be able to help her patients in the same way. She applied to and was accepted into the highly competitive University of Louisville orthodontic specialist post-graduate residency program and joined the team at BracesBracesBraces after its completion.
Dr. Parker’s favorite part of being an orthodontist is comparing before and after pictures with patients and celebrating their new smiles. She also enjoys teaching and sharing her orthodontic knowledge with dental students from the University of Louisville who spend time in our Dixie Highway office. She is committed to staying up to date with the most advanced orthodontic treatment methods available and frequently travels across the country to attend conferences for orthodontic specialists. Dr. Parker gives back to her community and continues to touch people’s lives by participating in a program called Smiles Change Lives. This program allows Dr. Parker to treat more patients whose families struggle with the full cost of braces.

Dr Eric Bednar is orignially from Fayetteville, Arkansas. He received his Bachelors degree at Brigham Young University. He earned his dental degree and master's degree while completing his orthodontic residency at the University of North Carolina. Following residency he joined the UNC orthodontic faculty full- time. In 2008, he joined the orthodontic faculty at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry and entered his own private practice. Dr Bednar works 3 days a week at U of L where he is an Associate Professor and director of predoctoral orthodontic education.
Dr Bednar has 5 beautiful children and a wonderful wife. He enjoys spending time with his family and watching sports.
Dr Bednar is an American Board Certified Orthodontist. He is the only orthodontist in Oldham County and surrounding counties with this certification and 1 of only 7 in Louisville.

Dr. Payne loves to give her patients beautiful and healthy smiles. She enjoys getting to know all of her patients, building relationships and friendships with each one. Her favorite part of straightening teeth is seeing the confidence it gives her patients. She listens to their needs and concerns to provide them the best care.

Dr. Payne is from Springfield, Kentucky and attended the University of Kentucky, where she studied Biology. She received her dental degree at the University of Louisville and later moved all the way to Denver, Colorado to study Orthodontics and earn her master's degree. In Denver, she met her husband Andrew, who happens to be from Owensboro, Kentucky. The couple is very excited to be back in Kentuckiana.

In her free time, Dr. Payne loves skiing, cooking with her husband, reading, watching movies and college sports, and traveling. Her younger sister, Alison, is also a dentist and works in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.

My favorite movie is Silence of the Lambs
I love soccer
My favorite place to vacation is St John VI
I used to play the violin
I love art

Meet Our Staff

Has A chicken name Bertha

Breaks for yard sales/always looking for deals

Has 3 cows

Little house on Prairie favorite show

Can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue

Hi! I am the team lead for BracesBracesBraces. I, myself, am a mom to three beautiful children, ages 8-3. I love working in this fun atmosphere! I enjoy seeing patients on their first visit to our beautiful office.

Business Associate at Dixie Highway

5 Fun Facts about ME
- I have 3 cats and 6 year old niece at home.
- I'm very crafty. You can usually find me doing cross-stitch or crochet if I've got free time.
- My favorite color is purple.
- I love pop culture and can probably come up with quote or reference for most experiences.
- I know all the words to the Fresh Prince theme song.

I have 2 sons, and 2 dogs.
I love music and going to concerts.
I'm crafty.
I used to play saxophone in band.
I don't like to go to the dentist.

Emily is the Office Manager for BBB Lagrange and Crestwood. Emily received her BS at BYU in Animal Science Veterinary Technology. She worked as a vet tech for many years before joining the orthodontic world. Emily currently runs a farm where she raises sheep and cows. She has 3 awesome kids and a patient husband. She enjoys spending time with her family and riding horses.

Team Leader at the AMAZING Dixie Hwy Braces Braces Braces!

Five Fun Facts about me:

1. I have 7 year old twins, who are the absolute stars of my life!
2. I am a crafty gal who loves to crochet and sew... in my free time, you can usually find me behind my sewing machine making cloth dolls for my little lady.
3. I should have been born in the 50's...I love retro style
4. The one person alive or dead that I would love to have as my neighbor is Martha Stewart- and then we could brunch together like ALL the time ;) ....I would also like to move to the country and run a bed and breakfast.
5. I cook a lot.... and I mean A LOT. In our house we try to make everything from scratch. My husband and I love to shop the farmer's market scene every weekend to find the most delicious goodies to take home. Sunday Dinner at 1pm is the most important meal in life.

Heart your face!

1. I have one grand baby. Her named is Paisleigh Brooke Lewis. She is 2 years old

2. I love to travel

3. I have been married for 32 year to- Larry Pavey

4. I am a BA here at the New Albany BBB office. I have been here for 6 Years

5. I have 2 daughters. Meaghen and Erica

Orthodontic Assistant at Braces Braces Braces Dixie Highway

Five fun facts about me
- I have a fur baby named Zola
- My favorite color is Lime Green
- I love being active outdoors
- I am an extrovert by nature
- I am heavily involved in Crossfit

I care about you , #brush =]

I am an Orthodontic Assistant at Braces Braces Braces on Dixie Hwy

- I love the outdoors
- I have a 120lb fur baby, named Apollo
- My favorite color is Turqouise
- I love to bake desserts
- I live in the most beautiful small town in America

I work at Braces, Braces, Braces in Shepherdsville Kentucky
-I have a 18 year old son named Isaiah
-I love riding roller coasters
-Being at Rough River is one of my favorite places in the world
-I am a HUGE Cody Jinks fan
-I love learning all the new trends

Im an orthodontic assistant for braces braces braces on Dixie Highway

Five Fun Facts About Me

1)I have a fur baby named Cali, she's a cat & is 11 months old

2)I played basketball in middle & highschool

3) I love to watch law & order

4) I love to go boating and hiking

5)Im a louisville fan

Five Facts About Me:

1. I am a Mom of two boys
2. My favorite color is green
3. I have never had braces
4. My hobbies are writing and outdoor adventures
5. My astrological sign is Leo

A little something about me

1. My favorite Color : Emerald ( birth stone )
2. I am a Dog mom to two beautiful pups
3. I was in braces for a year and a half
4. I like taking short weekend get-away's
5. I speak 3 languages

Fun Facts about me!

1. I'm having a baby in July
2. My favorite color is purple
3. I have a dog named Lacey
4. I have 2 older siblings (boy and girl)
5. My cousin and I work here together!

-I am the Business Associate at Braces Braces Braces Shelbyville.
- The # 1 rule in my house is no talking during The walking dead.
- I have 2 dogs Cooper(bloodhound) and Bella( beagel/boarder collie mix). They are my fur babies