Dr. Engilman frequently pulls up to the office on his motorcycle, ready to start the day. He's always excited to see his patients and continue the progress of their beautiful smiles, and come to a job he loves every day. While Dr. Engilman was perfecting his "techno-geek" abilities with a computer science and mathematics undergraduate degree, he could have never guessed he'd become the cool doctor of braces he is today. But soon after marrying his beautiful wife, Dena, in 1990, she suggested dental school was proposed to him. He was attending the University of Louisville when they had their first child, Brooke, in 1994. As his passion for orthodontics grew, Dr. Engilman decided to move his family east and attend the University of North Carolina for three more years of studies, where his daughter Emma was born on Halloween in 1998.

Dr. Engilman supports smileschangelives.org, which is an orthodontic nonprofit dedicated to help kids from low-income families in all 50 states receive braces at a reduced cost.

When Dr. Engilman isn't working, he enjoys being with his wife and children. They like spending time at the lake, especially Taylorsville Lake. Dr. Engilman enjoys the hobbies shared with his girls most, such as building rockets and model planes, but also loves to read, watch movies, collect trains, and play with hi-tech gadgets and toys.