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5 fun facts about me:
1. I love eating all kinds of food from all over the world, especially really spicy food. Some of my favorites are Indian food, Ethiopian food, and Nashville style hot chicken.
2. Soccer is my favorite sport to play, and I have played since I was 5. I also enjoy running and doing Insanity workouts. I have completed 7 mini marathons to date.
3. I really like to cook and try new recipes.
4. When I'm not at work I love to travel. I have traveled to over 30 US States and 20 foreign countries (and am constantly adding more to the list).
5. I'm working on being an amateur photographer. I love to take photos when I travel even though I'm not very good at it yet.

Dr. Parker Bio Educational Background

Dr. Parker was raised in Benton, Kentucky and moved to the area to study Chemical Engineering on academic scholarship at the Speed School of Engineering. She completed three cooperative externships at the Rohm and Haas Company (now part of the Dow Chemical Company) to gain experience and graduated from this rigorous program earning highest honors. Although Dr. Parker loved engineering, she was attracted to a career in Dentistry by its ability to make a special and individual difference in the lives of others. She attended Dental School at the University of Louisville, where she discovered the ability to use her engineering background in the field of orthodontics. She was attracted to orthodontics because it combined her love of engineering with a unique personal application. Orthodontic treatment had a positive and long-lasting impact on Dr. Parker as a child, she wanted to be able to help her patients in the same way. She applied to and was accepted into the highly competitive University of Louisville orthodontic specialist post-graduate residency program and joined the team at BracesBracesBraces after its completion.
Dr. Parker’s favorite part of being an orthodontist is comparing before and after pictures with patients and celebrating their new smiles. She also enjoys teaching and sharing her orthodontic knowledge with dental students from the University of Louisville who spend time in our Dixie Highway office. She is committed to staying up to date with the most advanced orthodontic treatment methods available and frequently travels across the country to attend conferences for orthodontic specialists. Dr. Parker gives back to her community and continues to touch people’s lives by participating in a program called Smiles Change Lives. This program allows Dr. Parker to treat more patients whose families struggle with the full cost of braces.